As a shamanic facilitator, certified natural healer, psycho-spiritual teacher and wellness coach, Le Val offers a wide range of talks, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, classes and experiences around the world.

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You provide the space, Le Val provides the experience. With a wide range of modalities that have touched the hearts and minds of thousands worldwide, from the depths of the Peruvian Amazon to the white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, no two experiences are identical. Get in touch with Le Val to discuss what he could bring to your event or location.


From luxury hotels to the corporate meeting room, theatres to restaurants, Le Val has provided unique, memorable and transformational experiences worldwide. If your guests or employees require something deeper or bespoke, Le Val will carefully curate a program to suit your requirements. This includes everything from experiential wellness programs, instant de-stressing techniques, meditation and focussed awareness, creativity and productivity boosting, workshops, speeches and more.


With the gain in popularity of festivals focussing on spirituality and consciousness, to compliment the musical experiences, Le Val provides the sacred touches to elevate the event to an even higher state of spiritual awareness and healing. No matter the theme of your festival, Le Val will create a program to best suit the intended vibe and target experience you wish to provide.


Le Val has worked on camera and consulting behind the scenes on numerous international television projects to ensure accuracy, entertainment value and well captured or documented footage. As well as writing consultancy, Le Val offers interview hosting to help your on camera star speak fluently, clearly and to highlight their knowledge on a particular subject or theme. He also provides techniques to calm nerves and help actors, presenters or hosts reach their full potential on camera.


Sonisphere Festival

Design Hotels (Further Festival/Eternal Festival)

Guru, Cyprus

Scorpios, Mykonos

San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos

Discovery Channel

Discovery Networks International

E4 Television

BBC Three


Desperados Beer

Marinella, Cyprus

Sirena Bay, Cyprus 

Kahlua, Cyprus

P3 Magic Theatre, Ohio

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