: Psycho-Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Shamanic Facilitator :


Consciousness expanding workshops.


Heart opening rituals.


Sacred medicine ceremonies.


Deeper healing, guided by the ancients. 

: Rediscover :

: Le Val :

One of Europe's leading spiritual practitioners.

Trusted worldwide, seen on Discovery Channel.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern science.

Turning complexity into simplicity.


Find your truest self.

Reconnect to your soul, the Earth and the sacred.

By lowering the intellect and dissolving the egoic mind, we start to remember who and what we truly are. The lines of separation blur and we begin to experience full spectrum consciousness and ultimate awareness, just as our ancient ancestors did.

Le Val offers a wide range of talks, lectures, classes, workshops, rituals, ceremonies and more, to aid in the recovery of universal truth and encourage deeper healing of the mind, body and spirit.

His teachings and practices stem from ancient and indigenous mysticism, shamanism, philosophy and spiritual wisdom, combined with an understanding of modern psychology and science. With over ten years experience, he knows what works, what doesn't and why.

: Offerings :

Guided Meditation

Energy Work & Healing



Unlocking the 'Super-Conscious' Mind

Mind-Body Connection

Shamanic/Inner journeying

Traditional Shamanic Ceremonies

Sacred Earth Medicines (Kambo, Ha-Pay)
Spiritual 'Reunion' Ceremonies

Divination: Tarot, Intuitive, Bone Casting, Hydro/Pyromancy

Oracular Demonstrations

Intuition Workshops

Oneness Blessings

Earth Connection Rituals

Exploring the Collective Unconscious

Relaxed Focussed Awareness Techniques

Om Frequency Attunements

Connection Ceremonies and 'Tribe-Vibe' Healing

Sacred Wayfinding

Alternative Psychotherapy



Le Val also has a close, trusted circle of friends who offer

Ayahuasca  Ceremonies (Indigenous Lineage)

Bufo Alvarius (and 5MeO-DMT)

Yoga Tuition.



: Le Val's Mantra :





In all of his transformational work, as well as his life.

Le Val is available internationally for a wide range of mind and body classes, retreats, seminars, workshops, live events, private sessions and more.

Please send all enquiries to leval@levalsmind.com

Let's create something beautiful.



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