Lewis Le Val is one of Europe’s leading practitioners and facilitators of psycho-spiritual methods for healing, exploration of consciousness, and experiential, universal mystery. Combining modern science and psychology with ancient teachings and wisdom, mysticism, shamanism and spirituality from all around the world since the beginning of time, Le Val’s teachings inspire deeper thought and understanding of ourselves; unlocking the alchemic medicine of the mind, body and spirit.

Thousands of people worldwide are proudly reaping the rewards of Le Val’s techniques for healing and guidance, consultations, intuitive readings, hypnotherapy, alternative psychotherapy, energetic work, group seance, sacred meditations, shamanic practices and more. He has been featured internationally on Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, E4, ITV and BBC Three, as well as at numerous live events around the world.

Born into a family of artists with alternative views on reality, life and spirituality, Le Val was raised on ancient beliefs and multicultural traditions. At a young age he began practicing magic (conjuring) and combined with a seemingly effortless intuitive ability, he displayed a natural understanding of, and talent for altering human behaviour and perspective on the subject of mystery and the unknown. He made his first television appearance at the age of six, and by the age of fifteen he had abandoned traditional magic and trickery, and developed a deep interest in psychology and hypnosis.


After using his skills in hypnosis for entertainment for a number of years, Le Val rapidly made a name for himself within the industry as one of the top hypnotists in the world, which later gained the attention of Objective Productions (producers of Derren Brown's early TV series and specials) and Discovery Channel. He starred in the series, "The Mind Control Freaks" displaying his hypnotic skills in each episode. Since then he has been featured in numerous other television shows and worked behind the scenes consulting on many more. Le Val published books teaching his hypnosis methods which became best sellers, and whilst holding no academic training on the subject himself, Le Val's writings have been studied by countless PhDs around the globe, and used to teach and train hypnosis and alternative psychology students, as well as mystery artists and performers.


After deciding to put his skills to greater use, Le Val fell back on his upbringing, immersing himself once again in ancient, Eastern and indigenous beliefs, methods, medicines and traditions. He began to combine these ancient ways with his understanding of modern psychology and science to find harmony between the two. Le Val has since received further teachings, training and guidance from numerous metaphysical practitioners and spiritual authorities around the world; from the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon to the largest European cities. Le Val now works as an experienced spiritual teacher, healer and speaker, with expertise in tarot and divination, energy work, alternative psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, spiritual philosophy and more.


Alongside the above, Le Val also maintains a passion for the artistic, the poetic, the surreal and theatrical. Through a handful of artistic mediums, mostly performance, Le Val is able to express his love for the unknown, the mysterious and the unfathomable. As well as entertaining, the importance of this work comes in his ability to inspire wonder, and leave us questioning all we think we know about life and our existence. This can not only help us in recognising the future we want for ourselves, but also open our eyes to the limitless, oceanic possibilities once we break free of the illusionary bonds placed upon us by modern society and culture.


Le Val is also an award winning music producer and storyteller.


He is currently working on a new television series for a major network, with filming due to begin in 2020.  

Mind & Body Program // Scorpios, Mykonos 2019.

Setting the framework for this year’s season through honoring ancient Greek civilization and mythology, Le Val opens and closes the season with a ritual that is inspired by the oracle of Delphi. In this interactive and immersive ritual, Le Val draws on ancient Greek mythology to guide us through a deep visualization meditation. Connecting to the elements of the Greek land, we will journey through an aura balancing and energetic cleansing ritual that allows us to return to a deep understanding of ourselves. Entering a place of collective knowing we will ask the oracle for insights and wisdom on our most pressing questions.


A modern mystic and storyteller, Le Val shares insights into the storybook of the human condition. Through interactive talks and workshops, we explore the way ancient civilizations integrated healing, magic and altered states of consciousness. Most importantly we will discover how these ancient techniques and myths could give us guidance today, and support us in understanding ourselves, and our soul purpose on more profound levels. 

Le Val offers group classes that explore themes such as Tarot, Astrology, Greek mythology, as well as hypnosis and alchemy medicine. He also offers private sessions guiding guests to their particular calling here on earth.


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